Mar 11, 2013

Spring Summer @bhane.

I have been partially lazy & partially busy with life ! Also I didn't have much of 
interesting pics. to post. BUT...last 3 days were just superb.I was apart of  spring summer 
photoshoots for bhane. ( the e-retail brand I'm currently working with). It was great to work with stylist Tania Fadte &  Manou of wearabout . Will post some more pics in a couple of days. Till then ...bye bye 
& a happy week ahead :)

P.S. Tania is the most sorted & no-fuss stylist I have met/worked with till date.

Dec 17, 2012

NH 7 weekender , Bangalore

 MS getting ready for the evening :P 

Pagal Aurat/Mad Child

Everything was love.
Everything will be love.
Everything has been love.
Everything would be love.
Everything would have been love…

Iris Murdoch’s,  A Word Child

Hope you had a fun-filled weekend !


Dec 5, 2012

We are our own HEROES !

One of the random days with the kids ! NO they are not mine... the one in the red T is Aarin - my nephew & the other kid -his friend. The kids were fun till the time I agreed to take their pics. When I stopped...things changed ! :(:

& then....he got tired of posing !